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                                          CONCEPT ROOF

                                          Aluwood Windows 







Affordable & Energy Efficient

Vinyl, also known as Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or UPVC is a tough, synthetic and recyclable material that is easy to work with.

Moreover, it offers great long-term durability and low maintenance requirements for homeowners. 

WINDOORAL Inc. in order to support the clients, in different materials and budgets, provide European UPVC(VINYL)doors and windows. "KOMMERLING" and "REHAU" UPVC profiles are manufactured in Germany and meet all certifications of North America. Window systems manufacturers "KOMMERLING" & "REHAU" enjoy an excellent reputation for their high-quality products and advanced technologies.

They will present in four types of swing(tilt& turn),sliding(lift & slide) ,(parallel sliding-tilting) and Bi-folding .


The next generation of windows is known for their simplicity and practicality. They can swing open like a door and tilt inward for ventilation with a simple turn of our ergonomic handles. Tilt &turn functionality allows easy ventilation and continued fresh air without having to leave the entire window wide open. Tilt and turn windows are the best choice to replace the existing casement windows or new construction every modern home. Old-fashioned single and double hung windows (sash windows)have long been popular in Canada that move upwards and downwards, they have many problems such as being difficult to clean, their opening mechanism is rough and hardly ergonomic, making them even more difficult to open, frequently moving unevenly and weather condition makes it worse.


     Why choose tilt &turn windows?

  • Dual functionality gives you more opening options
  • Easy one-handed operation
  • Easy ventilation for more fresh air
  • Leave the window open safely without the risk of children falling or leaning out
  • Simple cleaning from inside your home
  • Energy efficient with modern double or triple glazing
  • Secure with lockable handles and multiple locking point
  • Great as a fire escape or emergency point
  • Inswing casement ideal for window screens

U-Values  and  R-Values

The Measure of Energy Transfer

The heat transfer coefficient, referred to as the U-value or U-factor, measures the amount of heat transferred through parts of a building. If we look at a picture of a house from a thermal camera, you will notice that the brightest red lines, or where the heat is transferred most from, are the frames of the windows, yes, even more than the glass. Energy finds the weakest point between the walls, frames, and glass to pass from. Therefore, we talk about the frame value and glass value which combine to make the overall window value. Lower U-values mean more energy saved, lower monthly bills and a more comfortable and constant interior temperature.​

The R-value is the measure of thermal resistance. This means the ability of energy to move from hot areas to cold areas via materials such as insulation, walls, windows and doors. The higher the R-value is the better that material prevents heat transfer. So in this case ,we recommend you to use thermal break windows with the lowest U-value combine with triple glazed in order to have more energy saving in our building. 

Triple Glazed Windows

More Performance, More Comfort, More Security 

With fluctuating energy costs around the world ,consistent energy bills are luxury all homeowners welcome. Windows are the most exposed part of a home and provide plenty of opportunity for energy loss and savings. Modern triple glazed windows with low U-values will help decrease both heating and cooling bills while creating a more stable and comfortable interior temperature during the year. Triple glazing creates not just a third pane of glass, but also a second air gap between them. Each air gap is also typically filled with argon which is heavier and less conductive than normal air.

    Why choose Triple glazing?

  • Superior insulation ability with top R-values and U-values
  • Reduced heating and cooling bills
  • Almost no difference in price compared to double glazing(10% or less)
  • Improve sound reduction and security
  • Enhanced living comfort(no drafts or cold spots)
  • Reduced condensation

                         ProCoverTec surface Technology



The Upvc windows system with clip-on aluminum cladding combines the advantages of both materials in one structural element. On the outside, the 

aluminum cladding offers almost limitless possibilities in color design, while on the inside PVC profiles ensure low maintenance, high dimensional stability, and reliable functionality with reasonable price.


We fabricate doors and windows  with our partner '' WINDOWS  FACTORY '' .They fabricate doors and windows with the latest technology  and machinery in Europe. Using the most accurate machines, we have reduced the possibility of any error to zero. After the windows are ready, the quality control section controls the windows and if accepted, they are packed to send to jobsite. 


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